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Mission & History


Our Beginnings

More than forty years ago Buen Dia Family School was founded by two women educators who had a dream of creating a preschool with a Spanish bilingual component, and with a nurturing, arts-focused environment where children express themselves through the language of play, where they follow their own interests, make their own choices, and have the guidance of teachers who are truly collaborating in their learning and adventures. Since 1977, our founders’ vision remains our core.

Our Mission

The underlying spirit and mission of our founders is what guides us today, as we continue to grow and evolve with the needs of the children, our families, and our community. Buen Dia Family School remains a safe, inclusive, and welcoming place for preschoolers’ personal discovery and a foundation for competence and self-confidence.

See what a good day at Buen Dia looks like by visiting the Preschool Life section of our site. Our combination of structured and less-structured activities infuses each day with flexibility, allowing the children time to explore in ways that interest them individually.