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When children explore through art they take necessary steps toward better motor control, eye/hand coordination and problem-solving skills. This process of building knowledge through active investigation is critical to brain development. As they create, children use multiple intelligences, learn about their world and discover its physical properties. They are natural “manipulators” of materials and everyday objects. 

In Buen Dia art activities, the children use a variety of materials to explore color and form, to express their emotions and thoughts, and to begin to represent their experiences. Their involvement is open-ended, with the artist determining the form and direction of their work. Children can find new ways to use paint or spread glue while crafting  their creations. Choosing their own activities motivates them to concentrate and focus longer while having fun!

As parents and teachers, our job is to supply a workspace in a supportive environment with interesting materials. At times we are guides or mentors, helping young ones master tools and materials so they can represent their ideas more easily.