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We call Buen Dia a Family School because all of us—students, parents, and caregivers, past and present—together make up the Buen Dia family. Members of our community, too—who put a priority on encouraging our children to explore, grow, and learn from fine teachers who are supportive and supported—are very much a part of our family.

Our extended family and its philanthropic investment is what keeps Buen Dia strong and will allow us to thrive well into the future.

Our philanthropic Uniquely Buen Dia Initiative creates an investment that will:

  • Continue the impact that our quality pre-school program has on an economically diverse group of families.
  • Enable our tuition to remain affordable and fund scholarships for those in need.
  • Provide healthcare and retirement benefits to our hard-working, talented staff.
  • Develop a capital building plan for structural repairs and upgrades.
  • Provide high-quality educational materials.

For more on the Uniquely Buen Dia Initiative, and to download a copy, click here.

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