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Throughout the year we celebrate many holidays in nonreligious ways and encourage parents and caregivers to participate in any way they can–from presenting a special group on Dia de los Muertos to making different snacks with the children for Passover, or planting a tree in our yard for Earth Day. Buen Dia’s celebrations reflect the parent population and the greater community in San Francisco, with the hope of honoring each child’s reality.

Special Annual Events provide opportunities for the children to share their experiences, their families and their diverse cultures with the school community, as well as expose the children to a variety of cultural traditions important to the wider community. 

Each month of the school year is punctuated with special projects and events that include the children’s families. Special projects encourage the children to share who they are as individuals and as members of a family with their classmates and teachers. For example, the school year begins with the children putting together a display about what they did over summer vacation and sharing their “Personality Bags” with the school.